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  • What we do:

    What we do:

    Round Table Designs is your one stop shop for support on open-source software.  We specialize in installation and support of many different types of open-source software.  Our goal is to decrease your company’s cost on software while providing the same level of support of a corporate product.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Netoffice Dwins is one of the front-runners in project management suites.  This product has a great set of tools to help you replace that pricy project management software without a yearly license cost!  Let us help support your project management environment and get you that same functionality without the high price-tag!

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  • Monitoring


    Looking to setup a monitoring suite for your network?  We’ve got the tools to get you off and running in no time!  Having preformed large scale deployments of Nagios or Splunk, we’ve got the experience to get your backbone notifying you of emergencies instead of your clients!

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  • IT Consulting

    IT Consulting

    Having network problems and are short on IT staff?  Let us come take a look!  We have a staff with over 15 years networking experience.  We’ve been part of networking setups that have spanned several states and have the experience to get you up and going no matter how big the network!

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  • User Editable Websites

    User Editable Websites

    Looking to get out from underneath that web developer?  How bout a dynamic site that’s driven by one of the largest blogging utilities in the world.  Multi-user support, dynamic social content all installed and maintained by our trained staff.  Want it on your own internal server?  No problem! Placed on your site at a hosted [...]

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  • Moodle


    Looking for an online-education suite?  Moodle is just right for you! Moodle is a course management system designed to help educators who want to create quality online courses. The software is used all over the world by universities, schools, companies and independent teachers. Moodle is open source and completely free to use.

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